1 ready-made Swiss roll or 12 mini Swiss Rolls
1 lt. good quality vanilla ice cream
65 ml (¼ C) Amarula liqueur
1 x 410 g can Rhodes Peach Slices, drained and chopped


Remove the ice cream from the freezer and allow it to soften but not melt.

In the meantime, spray a round freezer-proof bowl with non-stick spray and line the inside neatly with cling wrap.

Evenly slice up the Swiss Roll and use the slices to line the base and sides of the bowl.

Stir the Amarula liqueur and the chopped Rhodes Peach Slices into the soft ice cream using a wooden spoon.

Spoon the flavoured ice cream on top of the Swiss Roll.

Smooth out the top, cover the bowl well with cling wrap and freeze overnight.

To serve, turn the ice cream cake out onto a plate and remove the bowl and cling wrap.

Decorate as desired and serve immediately.

Cooking Tip

Pour chocolate sauce over the cake before serving for an even more decadent dessert.



May 20, 2017