The Best Low-Impact Workouts for Weight Loss

The Best Low-Impact Workouts for Weight Loss

It is a fact that the high-intensity exercises are the ones that are increasing our heart rate and leads to burning calories in minimum time, but the truth is that they may affect our weakest links such as knees and hips. Thus, as the impact level of the exercises rises, the more vulnerable we are to injuries.

Nicholas Di Nubile, who is an orthopaedic surgeon and author of the Frame Works series of books, explains that the high-intensity trainings are leading to sudden force which may cause injuries and damages at the tendons, muscles, and joint cushions. As people are getting older this is a very often case, especially with people who suffered from previous injuries. As explanation of this, Di Nubile gives the weak musculoskeletal frame which turns into none durable or liber as people are getting older.

The good thing is that you still may increase your heart beat and burn calories without performing any high-intensity trainings and causing injuries to your joints. Today’s article is here to present to you 10 gentle workouts that will be so comfortable for your waistline and joints. You must bear in mind that just because these exercises are with low impact it does not mean that they are exposing you to zero risk. In order to minimize the chances of pulling your muscles, before the start of every exercise you may warm up a little bit, so that you will lubricate your joints before using them.

  1. Kettlebells

Almost every workout with kettlebell includes kettlebell swings. The latest researches showed that the kettlebell swings are increasing the heart rate to a level that the same turns your organism to burn 12.5 calories per minute. This amount of burnt calories is almost equal to the calories that you are burning while jogging. Additionally, the researches proved that those people who are performing kettlebell swings during a period of 30 minutes are burning the same amount of calories as when they are performing a power walking or treadmill on a 4% incline during the same period of time. So start performing kettlebell swings, burn calories, and boot your lean muscle tissue.

  1. Cycling

If you want to perform certain physical activity that will increase your heart beat, but without stressing and injuring your joints, then the cycling is the right choice for you. Despite whether you will choose indoor or outdoor cycling, you will choose a workout with a low impact. The advantage of the cycling is that you may perform it for a longer period of time and you will easily burn calories without getting the feeling as you have done some hard exercise. One research that was implemented on cyclists who were performing 40 km rides on bicycle, half of them outdoor and half of them indoor, showed that those who did outdoor cycling produced around 25% more power than those who performed indoor cycling. Additionally, it was reported that the outdoor cyclists felt less difficulties while cycling compared with the indoor cyclists.

  1. Rowing
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If you are not part of some rowing team, then the chances to perform this sport are very small. If you decide to start doing this sport then you are going to feel the enormous benefits upon your body, in terms of strengthening your arms, legs, and core, as well the strength and the posture of the upper part of your back will be improved. Additionally, one hour of rowing will make you to burn 500 calories. If you do not want to perform the real rowing, then the gym is here to provide you modifications of this sport, through the usage of rowing machines. The good thing about these rowing machines is that unlikely the treadmills, most of the time they are free, which means that you may use them whenever you go to the gym. While using these machines it is very important to perform the correct rowing techniques. This means that you will have use your legs in order to power the main part of the stroke. Next, in order to finish with the strokes, you will have to use your arms and push through them and through your back. Only as this you will be able to use the maximum of your muscles, and in the same time you will keep your arms of wearing out before you finish with the exercises.

  1. Power Yoga

The power yoga is based on the Ashtanga Yoga, which is considered to be one of the biggest burners of calories, because of the constant motion that your body is in. The power yoga is consisted of several poses which includes pressing, pushing, balancing, and lifting of your body, with taking only several breaths between each of the poses. Regarding your heart rate, the same stays constantly elevated since each of your muscles is engaged during the power yoga. All these poses will make you to sweat a lot, and the sweating will be greater if the room in which you are exercising is heated a lot. Thus, one hour of power yoga will make you to burn around 300 calories, plus will improve your range of motions and bring your body into a complete balance and strength. For those who are ready to undertake challenges, there is a high-intensity interval yoga that may be performed at home and will last no more than 18 minutes.

  1. LIT Method
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I bet you have not heard of these hot exercise movement, because the same is the last innovation that is coming from Los Angeles and focuses strictly on a low impact training. The creators of this method are Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor, who are personal fitness trainers. The LIT method is lasting for 50 minutes and incudes rowing exercises, resistance band work, mat strength work, and foam rolling mobility workout. The same is designed so that will build your body up, instead of breaking down you completely. If you want to start with a LIT class, do not get disappointed if there is no free space for you, because they are so limited right now. There is another option of the same, which is sort of LIT modification and includes recovering rolling tools, rowing and resistance bands, and some instructional videos.

  1. Elliptical Training

The elliptical training is defined as a gym floor staple that will provide to you the benefits of running, with one exception – the pounding impact. This training is quite effective for the upper part of your body muscles, shoulders, and arms thanks to the ski-pole characteristics that these training has. Believe it or not it has been proven that the elliptical training will straighten and round your buttocks much better than the fitness walking. Additionally, the latest study that was researching the differences between the elliptical training and the fitness walking, showed that the elliptical training is firing the glute muscles, which by the way are considered as a quite weak zone in any adults, much better than the fitness walking. The interesting thing about this physical activity is that the same is really fun to be performed and is taking no more than 30 minutes.

  1. TRX

This total body resistance training includes suspension straps that will alert all of your muscles. The same includes exercises such as pull ups, push ups, planks, and squats. One research that was measuring the differences in the muscle activities between the people who were performing suspended push ups versus traditional push ups, showed that the suspended push ups where straps are included caused higher activation of the muscles on the chest, triceps, and shoulders in comparison with the performance of the traditional push ups. If you ever heard of the TRX training and you want to start performing the same, do not hesitate to ask some of the personal trainers at the gym to show you several exercises just to get introduced to the total-body workout that will start burning your calories.

  1. Swimming
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It is considered that the swimming is the ultimate low-impact workout because of the simple fact that the water is around 800 times denser than the air. One study that was researching the differences between swimming and walking performed by 116 sedentary women showed that women who were swimming three times weekly during a period of six months lost more weight in comparison with the women who were walking. Additionally, the women who were swimming improved their body posture and composition, slimmed their waist and hips, and improved their levels of cholesterol.

  1. Circuit Training

It is a fact that the straight training is the most used one by greater number of people because of the benefits that the same has, in terms of staying strong and retaining the lean muscles, but the truth is that this training is not burning enough calories. If you tend to focus your exercises on burning calories, then you will have to switch the straight training with a circuit training. The straight training is actually alternation of different straight exercises, but without any pauses between them. Without making breaks between each of the strength exercises you are keeping the rate of your heart up and as that you are burning more calories and you are building muscles. For those who want to undertake greater challenges, the latest studies showed that they will have to use moderate weights and raise them at brisk. This means that they will have to perform explosive, but controlled moves.

  1. Barre

The barre is defined as blended workouts inspired by the ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Although the barre is a low impact physical activity, the same is quite intensive because includes continuous sets of plies, bridges, leg lifts, and other moves that are including lifting of hand weights, small weighted balls, or resistance bands. The latest studies showed that the barre, which actually incudes certain dance-based lifts is more effective and is targeting more of the low body muscles rather than the traditional heel raises or squats. If you tend to maximize your calorie burn, then you will have to make a combination of cardio sequences and sculpting circuits.

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