The Weightlifting Technique That Will Change Your Body

The Weightlifting Technique That Will Change Your Body

Has ever happened to you to go to the gym, strongly motivated to lose the extra weight and without the intension to pay extra money for a personal trainer, but to end staring at each of the fitness machines because you have no single idea where to start from and what to do?

Then you are facing with another issue, and you are starting asking yourself whether your goals are too big and broad or maybe you are just expecting too much from yourself. In order to stop causing additional problems and exhaust your mind with different questions, we are here to present to you a workout that will save you from all those questions and issues. Today’s workout is going to help you to get lean muscles and to turn your body into that one from your dreams without the need of visiting the gym and expect too much from your efforts. This workout will reshape your body and will make you lose fat only by lifting heavy weight. Lifting heavy weights will not only make you lose weight, but will create lean muscles too. The best thing about the exercise is that you may perform it at home. If you decide to perform it at the gym, then you will be out of it for less than 30 minutes.

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This workout is based on the fundamental principles of lifting weights. The basis of this workout is to perform four sets of exercises that include lifting heavy weights. Each set is consisted of low repetitions. Additionally, this exercises are combined with one exercise that is targeting the same muscles from all four sets, and the same needs to be performed with high repetitions, but with a lighter weight. So you will have to perform four sets of 6 repetitions of the exercises that include heavy weight lifting and one set of 12 repetitions of the exercise that includes light weight lifting. Brain Pankau, a personal trainer and CPT, recommends that you will have to make pauses of 2-3 minutes between the heavy weight lifting and light weight lifting. Additionally, 45-60 seconds of pause will need to be made between the lighter sets.

If you are wondering what is the entire point with this combination of heavy weight lifting and light weight lifting the answer is the following. When you are performing exercises that are including heavy weight lifting you are ultimately growing the muscles fatigue. Additionally, the same muscles are worked out with the light weight lifting exercise, with exception that this exercise is completely exhausting the muscles. This leads to burn of more calories and creation of a leaner body composition. Thus, your muscles will grow, the body fat will decrease, and you will perform only two exercises. Anthony J. Yeung, a personal trainer, shares the advantages of this workout, explaining that with simple exercises you will help your body to burn calories, lose the fat, and turn your body into more energetic one for the day that follows.

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Additionally, Micah Lacerte, who is certified personal trainer and owner of suggest that this workout needs to be followed by certain everyday healthy eating habits that you must adopt in order to get effective results. Thus, you will have to change your diet into a proper type and try to eat six small meals each day and each of those meals must include a form of protein. Also, you will have to make sure that your body is getting the specific amount of protein before and after the workout. Only as this you will succeed in building lean muscles.

It is very important to know that this workout is not equally suitable for all bodies. The same is recommended to be performed by lighter and medium builds, because the results at these bodies will come faster. The workout is not recommended for heavier-set of people because their fat loss is not going to occur even after longer period of exercising.

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So if you are listing yourself among the lighter and medium people then you may start with the exercise immediately. If you tend to tone your triceps, then you will have to perform overhead triceps with heavy weights plus triceps kickbacks with lighter weights. If you tend to turn your legs into attractive ones than you will have to do a combination of leg presses with heavy weights and lunges with lighter weights. If your biceps are the ones that need to be tighten then you will have to perform heavy hammer curls with heavy weights along with preacher curls with lighter weights. The point of the entire workout is to respect all the instructions that are given to you i.e. perform less repetitions of the heavy weights exercises and more repetitions of the lighter weights exercises. As this you will promote lean muscles to your body for a short period of time.

Types of Exercises :

  • Hammer Curl
  • Overhead Triceps
  • Triceps KickBacks
  • Lunges 
  • Ball Curls
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